Dr. Stodůlka was included in Forbes magazine's list of the 50 best doctors in the Czech Republic.


Dr. Pavel Stodůlka has risen to become one of the most respected eye doctors in the world. In addition to his achievements in medicine, which include many European and world firsts and breakthrough innovations, he has also built a private healthcare facility with an annual turnover of almost 800 million. As a good businessman, he invests most of the funds back into modernizing the clinics and innovations that contribute to the progress of ophthalmology. "I do business to be able to do medicine as best as possible. I think when health care is done purely for profit, it's short-sighted," explains Dr. Stodůlka.

The latest worldwide success of Dr. Stodůlka is the first operation of presbyopia with the ReLEx Smile method, which he performed in December as the first in the world. This new method can safely remove presbyopia and myopia at the same time with one procedure. In addition to ophthalmology, Dr. Stodůlka is the sole owner of the Gemini eye optics network, he develops his own intraocular lenses, is involved in the development of new lasers and equipment for ophthalmology. In 2022, a tissue bank for cornea transplants was opened under the Gemini eye clinics.