Chief eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka will be the next European President of AECOS


He was elected by the clear majority of the committee members.

“Pavel is an excellent surgeon, innovator, and he regularly contributes to the AECOS (American-European ophthalmic society) congress program, and when he held the AECOS congress in Prague, he also invited the President of the Czech Republic to share his personal experience with cataract surgery with us,” said the current president for AECOS Professor Burkhard Dick Europe.

“For the first time, we will have a president from a post-communist part of Europe that has been separated from the rest of Europe and the US by the fall of the Iron Curtain exactly 30 years ago. Nevertheless, this part of Europe has historically contributed significantly to the development of medicine,” says Professor Dick, the current European president, who reviewed the level of medicine in our country.