Dr. Stodůlka lectured at the most significant eye care hospital in the Near East


During the weekend of 1-2 March 2014, dr. Stodůlka was presenting on VICTUS femtosecond laser eye surgeries in Saudi Arabia at one of the most significant and prestigious eye care hospitals in the Near East at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. Dr. Stodůlka performed the first laser surgery with the new generation VICTUS femtosecond laser in the world in February 2014.




Gemini to be the first facility worldwide to home new VICTUS laser

Safety, speed, precision - those are the attributes of the latest and most universal VICTUS femtosecond laser platform for a wide scale of eye surgeries..

Dr. Stodůlka from GEMINI Eye Clinic in Zlin performed the worldwide first eye surgeries with the latest VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. The laser platform is equipped with automatic intraocular structures recognition. The first six patients underwent the surgery on Thursday 13th February. "The surgery procedure is shorter and more gentle than before", explained Dr. Stodůlka. - - -

Dr. Stodulka`s contribution in a book on laser cataract surgeries

At the end of 2013, the JP Medical Publishers published one of the first monographs in the world on laser cataract surgeries and laser lens surgeries named Femtolaser Cataract Surgery. The monograph was written by a collective of world-known specialists and dr. Stodůlka contributed with a chapter on selected complicated cases during laser cataract surgeries with the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform.

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Dr. Stodůlka lectured at Advanced Laser Technology Video Symposium in New Orleans, USA

Dr. Stodůlka lectured at Advanced Laser Technology Video Symposium in New Orleans, USA hosted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. At the conference, which was held in New Orleans on 17 November 2013, dr. Stodůlka introduced a brand new excimer laser TECHNOLAS TENEO (Bausch + Lomb) for corrections of eye errors. It is the latest excimer laser, a world first; and dr. Stodůlka`s presentation attracted great attention and interest of his international colleagues. - - -


Dr. Stodůlka lectured at Videocatarratarefrattiva in Milan and Verona, Italy


On 18th and 19th October, dr. Stodůlka lectured on laser eye surgeries by means of two live surgeries at Videocatarattarefrattiva conference in Verona and Milan. The conference was held by prof. Lucio Buratto.

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Dr. Stodůlka`s success at ESCRS conference in Amsterdam


Dr. Pavel Stodůlka won a great success within the worldwide competition of his colleagues and at the ESCRS conference won also the second place in the contest of surgery videos in the cathegory of "innovations". "It is one of the biggest successes we have ever achieved," said dr. Stodůlka.

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Opening of GEMINI in Prague - Krč


Already the seventh GEMINI eye clinic was officialy and ceremonially opened.


GEMINI Eye Clinic celebrates its 10th anniversary


During the time of its existence, the clinic achieved numerous national as well as international and world-wide primacies in the field of eye surgery.

GEMINI Eye Clinic was founded in Zlin in 2003 when its first clinic had been opened. Later, the clinic was moved into larger premises which were more suitable for the needs of an expending eye clinic.  After the reconstruction in 2013 and after the new laser center in Zlin was opened, the clinic became the largest private eye care facility.  The operation rooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art lasers. Among the newest there is the excimer laser Amaris 1050 which is the fastest and the most precise laser for corrections of eye errors. GEMINI Eye Clinic is besides Zlin to be found also in Prague - in Krč and in Průhonice. During the past ten years GEMINI clinics in České Budějovice, Brno, Ostrava and in Vienna, Austria were established.

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Tomas Bata`s granddaughter undergoes surgery at GEMINI


Dr. Stodůlka performed a laser eye surgery to Tomas Bata`s granddaughter. Francesca Bata Blyth flew for the surgery at GEMINI in Zlin from Canada.

Tomas Bata`s family became fond of Pavel Stodůlka`s work several years ago. The first one to undergo a surgery at dr. Stodůlka`s clinic was Tomas Bata, Jr. and was later followed by his daughter Monica with her husband, daughter Rosemarie and his grandson Thomas. After his visit to GEMINI Eye Clinic Tomas Bata, Jr. said: "I am proud of Czech doctors skills and knowledge, it is worth travelling to them from Canada.

- - -



International Conference in Athens, Greece


Dr. Stodůlka attended an international conference on laser eye surgeries in Athens, Greece on Saturday September 14 2013. He also contributed to the conference with two lectures on the usage of femtosecond and nanosecond lasers in eye surgery.

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