New method for treatment of eye errors – sc. selective crosslinking (CXL)


On Wednesday 23rd April 2014, dr. Stodůlka performed the first and brand new procedure for correction of eye errors with a sc. selective crosslinking method.

During the procedure with this method the cornea becomes reshaped as well as strengthened with a new device called KXL II system (Avedro, USA). The method is unique in its capability to reshape as well as strengthen the cornea in only one step. The method is suitable for corrections of lower eye errors, but its main benefit demonstrates mainly in more complicated eye error corrections such as in structural deformation of the cornea called keratoconus.

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Acknowledgement for participation in WOC 2014, Tokyo, Japan for dr. Stodůlka


Dr. Stodůlka actively participated in the prestigious World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC 2014) in Tokyo, Japan during 2nd – 6th April 2014. He received an acknowledgement for his participation from the organizers of the congress:

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The world first presbyopic lens of a new type implanted at GEMINI Zlín


The lens of the new generation and of revolutionary design was implanted for the first time in the world at GEMINI Eye Clinic in Zlín.

The new phakic diffractive lens is a solution for presbyopia and helps the patients from their reading glasses. Presbyopia occurs in almost all people over 40 years of age. "In the past years, presbyopia was treated by an exchange of the human lens for an artificial intraocular lens. For the first time it is possible to implant a so called posterior chamber phakic lens with diffractive optics. This allows to leave the human lens in the eye. The procedure offers a solution for treating the patient`s  poor distance as well as poor reading distance vision," described Pavel Stodůlka, the head surgeon at GEMINI Eye Clinic.

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Dr. Stodůlka introduces a new solid state laser in the Czech Republic


The new Katana LaserSoft laser system is intended for use in ophthalmic refractive surgery so that people do not need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The new technology of the laser, whose wave length differs from all currently used ophthalmic lasers, increases the precision of the laser. "We are speaking about a so called solid state laser and thus its reliability is higher than in other currently used gas lasers and the operating costs should be lower," explains dr. Stodůlka.

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Recognition of dr. Stodůlka`s work from the founder of laser refractive surgery

During the WOC 2014 in Tokyo, Japan dr. Stodůlka, who actively presented several conference contributions, met the icon of ophthalmology - professor John Marshall. Professor Marshall is a world-renowned expert in laser eye surgery and the founder of laser refractive surgery. After the encounter, prof. Marshall sent dr. Stodůlka a brief e-mail message in which he gives his recognition to dr. Stodůlka`s work:

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Dr. Stodůlka presented at World Ophthalmology Congress in Tokyo, Japan


Dr. Stodůlka was attending the prestigious World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC 2014) held in Tokyo, Japan during 2nd - 6th April. During the congress he presented on his clinical and surgical experience to the ophthalmologists from all over the world.

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Dr. Stodůlka invited for a UKISCRS meeting


Dr. Stodůlka has been invited for an active participation in prestigious 38th UKISCRS Meeting (meeting of the United Kingdom & Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) to present his contribution on the past ten years of femtosecond laser treatments in ophthalmology. The meeting will be held on 12th September 2014 in London.




7th Zlin Eye Festival - ZOF 2014


For the seventh time, eye specialists from the Czech Repubic and abroad met in Zlin on 14th March 2014 at an annual event of Zlin Eye Festival, also known as ZOF. The conference was held under the auspices of dr. Stodulka and GEMINI Eye Clinic and other important guests from among the ophthalmologists as well as politically known persons.

Traditionally, a sc. live surgery section is rather an attractive part of the Zlin Eye Festival program. This year the live surgeries were broadcast live from two eye care facilities - from Gemini in Zlin and Belgium. The live surgery from Belgium was performed by dr. Erik Mertens. 

The award for Lifetime Achievment in the field of Eye Medicine was given to well-known Czech ophthalmologist doc. MUDr. Karel Kuběna, CSc.

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Dr. Stodůlka lectured at the most prestigious eye hospitals in Saudi Arabia


Dr. Stodůlka had received an invitation to lecture at the most prestigious private eye care hospital - Al Hokama hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His contributions were dedicated to state-of-the-art laser surgeries with the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. As a social part of the program was also a social dinner with the heads of the hospital departments in a Saudi restaurant with carpet dining. 

The next lecture Dr. Stodůlka gave in Rhiyadh took place at the annual congress of the Saudi ophthalomogists which was opened by the Saudi Prince. Dr. Stodůlka also received an invitation to lecture and tutor laser surgeries to his colleagues at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital - the largest and most prestigious eye care facility in the Near East.

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Dr. Stodůlka and his patient guests in a morning show on TV NOVA


Dr. Stodůlka and his patient, Hana Charvátová, were guests of a favorite morning show on TV NOVA (called Snídaně s Novou). Mrs. Charvátová was the first patient in the Czech Republic to be treated for blindness by implantation of BOSTON type atificial cornea. 

This year, Mrs. Charvátová and dr. Stodůlka celebrate a 5th anniversary since the successful surgery before which Hana Charvátová had been blind for 16 years. Today, she reads and manages to do everyday activities without wearing or needing glasses.

You can watch the show (23rd and 40th minute) here (note, the show is in the Czech language):

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