Dr. Pavel Stodulka is an internationally recognized innovator in the field of ophthalmology and a pioneer of laser vision correction in Europe. He has performed several eye surgeries as the first eye surgeon in the world and many of them within the Central Europe. Dr. Stodulka lectures at international meetings and congresses and educates foreign doctors, he also reads at the Faculty of Medicine. He also cooperates tightly with the ophthalmological solutions and technology developers and actively contributes to the development of new methods, instruments and technology. He has both Czech and Canadian citizenship. As a proof of his exceptional expertise a case of a man who used to be blind for half a century may serve. Dr. Stodulka returned his vision by implantation of artificial cornea.

As a chief surgeon of Gemini Eye Centers he performs a wide range and high volume of surgeries from cataract and refractive surgery through glaucoma to vitreoretinal and corneal surgery. The first surgeon in his country to perform lasik (1994), epi-lasik (2004) and femtosecond laser lasik (2006) and also MICS (2001). The first to treat retina with Avastin in his country (2006). One of the world pioneers in DMEK (2004). He successfully treated with Boston KPRO artificial cornea several patients blind for over 10 years. One of them was blind for 53 years which might be according to a literature the longest blindness ever cured. The president of the Czech Republic is his patient. He holds a teaching position at Charles University in Prague. He educates residents and fellows for many years and gave over 500 lectures in ophthalmology mostly in Europe and North America. He has dual Czech and Canadian citizenship, speaks fluent English and Russian.

Dr. Stodulka received a number of awards:

  • Silver Medal from the Czech Senate for all his achievements in eye surgery, namely for the introduction of the following surgical methods in the Czech Republic: laser cataract surgery (February 2012), lasik (1994) and femtosecond lasik (2008), micro incision cataract surgery (2001), Boston artificial cornea implantation and several others
  • Laureate of Jessenius Prize 2010 – in the survey held by the Patients Union (Unie pacientů), 2011
  • Award of the Zlin region – for achievements and development in ophthalmology, 2008
  • The Town of Zlin Award – for achievements in ophthalmology, 2007
  • The Personality of the Zlin Region , 2005

Professional awards:

  • The Award for the Best Video of Cataract Surgery at Video Cataratta Refrattiva in Milan, Italy, 2012
  • The award for Best Video Award in the category "New intraocular lens for presbyopia treatment" in Cannes, France, 2012
  • Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology Journal Award for the best work published in 1999 Winning of A. Chayet and the International Society of Refractive surgery grant